Armed Services Car Purchasing

If you serve, or have served, in the Armed Forces purchasing a car can cause a few irritating problems. Regular changes of address make it difficult to build a credit record to qualify for car loans, while an address on a military base is often not recognised by vehicle insurers.

Riding to the rescue come a number of specialist car dealers who deal exclusively with members of the military, whether they serve in the Army, Royal Navy or Royal Air Force and who have created businesses that supports military personnel in all areas of vehicle ownership and rewards them for the job they do. They also often supply discounts to ex-military servicemen and women and also to retired military personal as well, whether they are from the ranks or are, or have been, commissioned officers.

What’s more, they also often assist serving police men and women and retired police officers, including members of the National Association of Retired Police Officers (NARPO) and also members and ex-members of the Prison Service.

As well as supplying cars tax-free to service personnel based overseas, these specialists negotiate deep discounts from car makers that they are able to pass on to their customers, substantially reducing the cost of vehicle ownership. These savings are always particularly welcome to military and police forces struggling with a pay freeze or limited pay rises.

Let’s face it nothing can beat the smell of a new car and the way it looks and feels, but even with terrific deals and discounts, some people find that such a purchase may stretch their resources a little too far. Besides, many buyers prefer the value-for-money that a low-mileage used car provides, especially a business that provides a choice of over 10,000 vehicles each of which has undergone a comprehensive vehicle check.

Many of the people working in these specialist businesses are ex-service personnel or have links to the armed forces, and usually have extensive knowledge of the motor trade. They help customers every step of the way whether they are purchasing a new or a used vehicle and are able to deal with them accordingly in a friendly, personable, manner.

No wonder that these businesses are building such an enviable reputation as car suppliers to the armed forces and police. They have applied the same rigour and management approach to selling cars as the forces do to their training and organisation.

By Ian Dewar